Unveiling Caruso's Dream

The thirteen glass pianos suspended over the sidewalk on 9th Street just off Market were covered with sails when we arrived.  Thirteen real pianos were lined up on the sidewalk.  As darkness began to fall, Enrico Caruso appeared in a spotlight standing  on a platform high above the street.  He began to sing.  Four more spotlights were  aimed at the top of the building and an acrobat dropped into each one. As Caruso finished his song and disappeared, the acrobats tumbled down the front of the building on slender ropes to music from the sidewalk pianos.   The acrobats dropped down on the suspended sculpture and untied the sails.  Then they danced on the glass pianos.  


Caruso's Dream is by Brian Goggins was unveiled January 23, 2014.  The sculpture was commissioned by the developers of the AVA55Ninth apartments, as part of San Francisco's 1% for the Arts program. Goggins first made his name in San Francisco in 1997 with a work called Defenestration (now gone), in which furniture appeared to be flying out of a neglected building at 6th and Howard.  Other works by the artist include Language of the Birds at Columbus and Broadway, and Speechless at the Lafayette (CA) Library and Learning Center in the East Bay.